The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild "Impressions"

So I've been playing "Breath of the Wild" for over 50hrs, I love how they based the game map off of OOT Zelda as you can see by exploring the lost ruins of "Lonlon Ranch, & Castle Town you can also go to Zora's Domain

Death Mountain

Kakariko Village

& Gerudo Desert

I also like how they expanded the world map with area's like the great plateau, the Citadel, Sheikah Tower's where you can teleport to different area's of the map you've been, Sheikah Shrines where you can do puzzle to obtain these Spirit Orbs that you can collect to gain more Heart's or fill up your Stamina Bar, if you fill just your stamina Bar you can clime up mountains longer or swim farther or gliding off Cliffs farther..

If you buy the DLC for "Breath of the Wild" you can get secrets items like "Majora's Mask" and other items i recommend looking into this.

I love riding horses in the game,you can find many horses with different speeds each horses has different speeds which finding them makes it lots of fun. you may also find a Skeleton Horse which if you try to bring it to the stable the owner of the stable get's really scared.

I love snowboarding down mountain's with my shield, the game has many mountains with lots of snow.

The "Switch" Made it easy so you can take Picture's & lots of 30sec Video's of your game play, say you did something cool or something funny you can record it or take in game pictures and make great wallpaper!

That's all I've had to say thank you for reading my blog i'll try to do more in the near future!

Now try to defeat Calamity Ganon and stop the Devine Beast..

Here is the trailer of the game!