Let's Go Pikachu Let's Go Eevee!

For the first time ever Nintendo has released a Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch Console!

There are 2 Version of the game both are called "Let's Go Pikachu" & "Let's Go Eevee"

The Game setting is in the Kanto Region.

They had made it so you can connect your "Pokemon GO Account to the Switch game and transfer all your pokemon from your smart phone to your Nintendo Switch!

When you Buy the game it comes with a PokeBall called Poke Ball Plus that lets you fell like you're in the game from throwing it to capture pokemon in your own home!

I'm so excited for this game to be released i'm so looking forward to capturing Pokemon on my phone while on the Nintendo Switch Console and having the game portable to battle with my friends!

The Game will be released November 16th 2018