GAMESPOT VIDEO - Super Mario Party Gameplay Demo | E3 2018

The Nintendo Switch is getting Super Mario Party later this year, and we got a live gameplay demo of it on our E3 2018 stage.

I love how in this Mario Party game for the Nintendo Switch they fixed their problem as in the most recent mario party game where instead of playing against eachother you're on the same team in a boat trying to help each other to collect all the stars and beat the game..

Nintendo fixed it by making the game more like the originals.. such as the N64 game series where you're against eachother and try to beat one another by collect the most star's..

I am excited for the new Mini Games for the switch version and hopefully the maps are not really tiny like in the trailer. from what i've seen the maps are waaayy to mall compared to other mario partys maps.

Nintendo please please make sure that they maps are not as small as what we all watched..