Banjo Kazooie 20th Anniversary!

Most of us grown up with the Nintendo N64 console which came out in the year 1996 which came out 1 year after my birthday with so many great game title's such as Banjo Kazooie which is in my top 5 favorites games for the N64 Console..

Well today is the Anniversary of Banjo Kazooie, the game just turned 20 today which is 3 years younger than me, what made the game so special and fun was the adventure that they put into the game there were so many diffent places to explore & so many jigsaw puzzle to collect to finish the puzzle to unlock secret stuff, you can also find lots of Jinjo laying around in differnt areas of the world if you see one try to collect them.

Musical Notes are always laying around their are 12 Note Doors you can open by collecting Musical Notes.

In honor of this special day i'm going to start playing later today!