Finally we can play Mario Kart to it's fullest by combining Virtual Reality with Mario Kart which will enhance the game play of the game by far the game is an arcade version of the Mario Kart series which is known as Mario Kart Arcade GP which I actually played once at a arcade but not with the Virtual Reality even though it was very fun to play there are many different courses to choose from.. in this video they added Virtual Reality so you feel like you're in the game.. which is updated to the Mario Kart Arcade GP that is called Mario Kart Arcade GP Virtual Reality..

With technology growing as it is we can finally feel like were inside the video game world which I think is pretty darn cool. in this video a group of friends are having a very good time by competing against one another while wearing Virtual Reality Glasses..

Like I said i loved growing up with Nintendo and Mario Kart and love to see them keep making unique idea's to make the Mario Kart series better and better,,

If you haven't yet played Mario Kart GP at your local Arcade then I assure you, you should it's really fun but i really can't wait and would love if they released a Virtual Reality Mario Kart GP..