Smash Bros. Ultimate Official Collector's Edition Guide!

Nintendo just released their Official Collector's Edition Guide for the new Smash Bros Ultimate Game for the Nintendo Switch home console! with this book you'll get all the info you'll need for the game!

Note there are two version of the books, one's a hard copy and the other is a soft copy!.. from what i know both books carry different information and probably the Hard copy of the book would be a better choice! If you don't know which is a better choice because you don't wanna waste your money on the hard copy if it has the same stuff in the soft copy then what i would do is ask your local books store if you can compare both soft copy and hard copy!

The hard copy cost's around $50 and the soft copy it self costs around $20! if you're interested in purchasing them try going to your local book store or game store such as your local GameStop or EBGames!..