Takashi Iizuka Talks about Remaking Sonic Adventure!

In a recent interview with Retro Gamer, Takashi Iizuka mentioned he wouldn't mind Remaking the well known game Sonic Adventure that was first released onto the Sega DreamCast December 23, 1998 and later on released onto the Nintendo GameCube June 17, 2003..

Here is what Takashi Iizuka has to say:

“It was the first highspeed 3D action game that also featured a scenario highlighted with six different stories, the A-life Chao, six unique styles of gameplay – it is a unique game offering even 20 years after its release. At the time, it also wasn’t just a solitary software release, it was the title to bring people to the Dreamcast and we were given the budget to make something to showcase the hardware. However, it was the very first 3D game that we worked on and looking at it now I can see the rough edges it has, which really makes me want to remake it again.”