Today is the Second Anniversary of the Nintendo Switch!

The Nintendo Switch has been out for two whole years now, when it was first announced online for the first time online my older brother managed pre order it.. it was the first time i've ever actually got to hold it in my hands and play it, the game we got for it at the time was The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, the game was outstanding I've fell in love with the whole open world where you can literally where ever you want you can beat the game in any order you want etc..

The Nintendo Switch is amazing, one of the best features is that you can carry it where ever you want it works as a console and hand held device both as one! if you purchase an online account for $19.99 you'll have online for twelve months if you become an online member you'll get a bunch of free NES Games for free to play the library keeps on updating when ever Nintendo adds more classic Nes Game onto it!

Now i would like to talk about someone special he is a Youtuber that goes by the name "Captain Nintendo Dude" for short CND..

He Waited an Entire Month to be FIRST to Get a Nintendo Switch what he did was outstanding and if you

watch the video below you'll see him receive..