Bullet Battle Evolution - Nintendo Switch

High quality graphics boasting overwhelming beauty! A fighting multiplayer TPS game where you team up with friends all over the world! If you are a military fan, there are many weapons that won't stop exciting!

Team up, build strategies and help each other with friends and rivals from around the world Transcendental graphics that can be mistaken for live-action! Fight on a realistic battlefield It is the best competitive multiplayer TPS game. Equipped with two weapons and a hand grenade that can even sense the smell of gunpowder. A series of tensions, with a few centimeters separating life and death, Recommended for those who like shooting action games where true arms are tried.

Anytime, anywhere with players from all over the world! Live to the end and become the last survivor! Aiming to survive "SURVIVE" "CAPTURE" that four people become one team and aim at area occupation A four-to-four “DEATHMATCH” in which eight players are divided into teams to fight for life and death Feel free to enjoy the familiar pounding and excitement game modes in FPS / TPS.

Enjoy the best battle in the world of transcendent graphics! Tension when encountering an enemy, Fighting martial arts, treating ally when medic character, New equipment and joy to martial arts, defeating enemies and raising ranks, A sense of accomplishment that unlocks the equipment and martial arts, Usability that can embody a realistic shooting sensation! All this is While inheriting the lineage of the existing competitive multiplayer FPS / TPS It will add to the fun and excitement you have powered up.

High quality graphics boasting overwhelming beauty! If you are a military fan, there are many weapons that won't stop exciting. Brilliant martial arts in which the tension of the battlefield stands out! Come and enjoy the best multiplayer TPS game with team members from around the world!