Dokapon Kingdom Should Be On Switch!

Dokapon Kingdom is one of my favourite games on the Nintendo Wii. It'd best be described as Mario Party and Dragon Quest being mashed together into a board-travelling RPG. In it, you play as one of up to four heroes who have set out to save the bankrupt Kingdom of Dokapon from the monsters who have ravaged its economy by slaying said monsters, saving the towns and, yes, collecting taxes. The other heroes, played by your soon to be ex-friends and/or the computer, won't let you have all the credit though as they compete with you to save the most towns or just plain try to steal from you in your noble goal to become as rich as possible.

More than that, the continent spanning kingdom is host to a wide array of events that bring its lands to life, from bandits to tricksters to a little kid who's overly zealous about the game of rock-paper-scissors. Various shops and other locales dot the varied landscape and give you plenty of things to aim for in the short term so you're never waiting for things to pick up.

The games rock-paper-scissors based battle system keeps things quick with a deceptive amount of depth with the game's wide array of customization from character classes to acquirable skills and winning a fight against one of your fellow heroes allows you to dish out a variety of unique punishments like changing their names or their appearance to something they may not be happy with.

All in all it's a fun and unique experience that you won't find outside of it and with the Switch's mobility and pick up and play factor its a perfect fit to keep a session going.