Come Visit St.Catharines Ontario Local Gaming Store NEX!

NEX is a local down town video Game/Video store located in the city of St.Catharines where you can buy, sell & trade.. the staff are very friendly people and the owner Paul is a really down to earth guy if you have any question's he would give you the time of day and make sure you're taken care of.. NEX has a huge variety of video games from old school to new school the prices varies some cost more then others but for the prices he sells them is a steal..

Every time i walk into NEX it brings back so many memory's of my childhood from Nintendo to Sega to Sony etc.. Oh and also if you have a scratch video game disc and you can't fix it and don't wanna have to pay for a different copy of the game well NEX has a machine just for fixing scratched video games/movies, the prices varies on how many Scratched CD's..

And last but not least NEX Makes custom T-Shirts where you can put any of you custom logos or different sayings!

Well thats my review on the St.Catharines video game store NEX! I hope you'll stop by..