Sea Of Stars A retro-inspired turn-based RPG Kick Starter!

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This is also a good time to clarify where we are in terms of platform support. There are two years left of production on Sea of Stars, and we are at the dawn of a new console generation, meaning that our dev efforts are coupled with the mapping of this changing landscape.

This makes it too early to commit to any specific platforms for the moment. Our promise to you is simple : we want to be wherever the players are, so please, make your voice heard if you want to ensure a specific platform is offered at launch.

Rest assured that we are in touch with all major platform holders, and that the Sabotage team has extensive porting experience. As we assess demand and technical challenges alike, we will be prioritizing to maximize satisfaction across Sea of Stars’ growing fanbase.

All we can guarantee for now is that this is going to be a high quality product, and that no one will be stuck with a copy they don’t want. We know this might demand a minor leap of faith, but your backing of this add-on will be fully refundable, no questions asked, should the platform of your choice be missing once the game is ready to ship.

We wanted to hold until we had more specifics, but the demand for physical has been truly overwhelming, so we hope you will celebrate this announcement with us as the best we can offer at the moment!